We held a cover contest in July 2009 on Facebook. The entries were amazing!

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This book cover was designed by an artist in Poland, Maciej Kijowski. It won the voting in a poll held for Facebook Fans this past July, click here to view more of his work online.
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A new fan from Australia, Melissa Gannon, designed this one in her spare time one afternoon in October. I was shocked it captured the feel of the book so well and fell instantly in love!
More Covers:

The following three covers were done by a very gifted artist named
Debi Singleton. I was amazed by her enthusiasm and creativity to be able to produce work that so closely resembled scenes from the book. The fact that she did them all by hand in this day and age of graphic arts and computer design still astounds me!

You can view more of her work on Facebook here on her
new business page. Good luck Debi!!
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These two covers, above and below were designed by one of my buddies and the official sex-scene proof reader!
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The last two listed below are from Wendy Lipshultz, another friend and my public relations guru.
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